Mask – Solid Color Collection
Mask – Solid Color Collection

Mask – Solid Color Collection

Protective mask in reusable fabric, washable and customizable for all common uses.

One size fits all. Unisex.

Non-medical device, use in addition to social distancing guidelines.  Reduces the risk of contamination of others by reducing projections of respiratory droplets and improves your protection by restricting contact between the hands, mouth and nose, the primary entry points for the Coronavirus.

A pocket integrated into the mask allows you to always keep your mask clean when not using it!

For orders over 5000, please contact us

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  • mask-pocket-c-02
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  • mask-pocket-c-04
  • mask-pocket-c-05
  • mask-pocket-c-06
  • mask-pocket-c-07
  • mask-pocket-c-08
  • mask-pocket-c-09
  • mask-pocket-c-10
  • mask-pocket-c-11
  • mask-pocket-c-12
  • mask-pocket-c-13
  • mask-pocket-c-14

Quantity Discount You Save
250 $0.50 Up to $125.00
500 $1.25 Up to $625.00
1000 $1.60 Up to $1,600.00
2500 $2.00 Up to $5,000.00

This device has not been reviewed by the FDA for use as a medical device, or as personal protective equipment.  


• Fabric designed and manufactured in France, complies with UNS1 specifications according to tests carried out by the DGA (Filtration of particles of 3 μm: 91%) *

• OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified fabric

• CDC compliant

• Machine washable, high heat (140° F). Quick drying*. Washing recommended after 4 hours of use.

• 100% Polyester, breathable fabric

• Suitable to wear with eyeglasses or sunglasses

• Stretch fabric to perfectly fit all face shapes

• Over 50 patterns and colors, customizable for orders above 50 units

• Masks made in Canada

*Mask awaiting certification by the DGA/IFTH for 1, 5, 10 and 20 washes.

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